Executive Search

Summit Search works on a retained and exclusive basis with clients to source candidates for more senior/specialist real estate roles (typically carrying a base salary of £100,000 upwards). This is a strategic recruitment process that involves pro-actively targeting (‘headhunting’) relevant candidates in competitor and/or related businesses.

The Executive Search process is research driven. Potential candidates are approached and then assessed through a rigorous interview process. This is then followed by the candidate completing an online Personal Profile Analysis (PPA) report. Each candidate is thoroughly appraised for both their hard and soft skills, ensuring a close match on both the culture fit as well as the technical content of the role.

As a client you will receive regular updates throughout the Search process.
This provides you with up to date market intelligence and a detailed professional report is provided on each short listed candidate including the outcomes of their PPA.

Advertised Selection

Summit Selection works on a retained and exclusive basis sourcing candidates for middle management positions (what we refer to as the ‘marzipan layer’). These positions typically carry a base salary of £70,000 to £100,000. The key benefit to this service is speed of response whilst maintaining accuracy of selection.

The Selection process is advertisement driven, supported by a strong candidate network and referral system from our extensive database. Our advertisements are professionally designed and written to solicit the highest quality response; Summit Selection then manages the entire recruitment process.

Commitment to our Clients 

For our clients Summit will:

  • Guarantee that the person you meet with initially is the person who will conduct your assignment
  • Take a long term view with our clients ensuring a close partnership is achieved
  • Maintain rigorous and transparent processes to ensure a successful outcome
  • Operate as a strong corporate ambassador for your company when liaising with the market
  • Fix our fees up-front if that is in our client’s best interests
  • Provide detailed notes on all shortlisted candidates including psychometric profiling, technical skills/experience and strength of culture fit
  • Make ourselves fully available throughout the recruitment process
  • Provide you with one consistent point of contact

For our clients Summit will not:

  • Provide you with unrealistic time frames in order to win work
  • Lose sight of the fact that any recruitment exercise is a team effort
  • Poach your employees (candidates from our clients). We take ‘off-limits’ very seriously
  • Approach candidates without having first conducted all reasonable due diligence
  • Hassle you; if you are not interested in our services then we respect that
  • Change a candidate’s CV. The CV presented to us is the CV presented to you