Contemplating a Career Change?

If the answer is yes then it’s likely your mindset has already shifted towards a new role and subconsciously detached from your current company. The desire for a new challenge and career path could therefore be compromising your existing work, motivation and essentially your happiness.

There are many factors to consider when contemplating a career change and it’s important to identify the key reasons as to why you want a change.

We are naturally programmed to choose safety over the fear of the unknown; if you’re standing at the top of a cliff about to do a bungee jump, you will experience a huge internal conflict with your mind and body willing you not to jump. Even though you’ll be aware of the safety measures in place and the thrill and exhilaration once you’ve completed it, there will always be a hesitation and a sense of what if? Achieving happiness and job satisfaction can involve taking risks so, when your need for safety and desire for happiness start to clash, which instinct should you trust?

The answer to this important question often depends upon the market climate. The senior level job market was relatively quiet in the months leading up to the General Election. However, with a Conservative victory it seems there is now growing confidence in the property market. As Mike Hussey, Chief Executive of property company Almacantar, declared at the Association of Property and Fixed Charge Receivers’ annual meeting: Britain’s Property market is entering “an unprecedented period of boom…that I think will exist for at least 15 years…from 2010 to 2025”. With this in mind it would seem now is a good time to relish new opportunities and take a meaningful step forward in your career. This could be an internal promotion or a job move to a new company; either way, it is worth making the most of a buoyant market to further enhance your career prospects.

The average person spends 90,000 hours at work in a lifetime and can often find themselves thinking and stressing about work during out of office hours. Given the amount of time we all spend at work, why not spend it in the right role and environment? Job contentment breeds enthusiasm, motivation and productivity, not only for the benefit of your company but also for your personal health and wellbeing.

According to BUPA, when conducting a test to see which UK business sectors have the highest reported stress levels, the Real Estate/Property industry came in the highest at 54%. Evidence suggests therefore, that the nature of this industry is stressful. However, by finding a role best suited to your skills and expertise you can be better equipped to deal with any added pressures and stresses of the job.

At Summit Search & Selection we believe in the importance of creating a great match, both from the client and candidate perspective. Our process is transparent, offering strategic and objective career advice to make sure that you find the best position and company culture for you.

There are always risks involved when making life changing decisions and it’s imperative to consider the consequences of those decisions on your family, home or work-life balance. However, whilst in a stable career you are relatively safe to start looking for new opportunities, without putting any of these important factors in jeopardy.

So, consider your happiness, goals and aspirations and make yourself available to new opportunities and prospects today!