RE Private Equity Candidate

What elevates Summit above other companies I have had contact with over the years is the fact that they take a long term view.  In discussing the opportunities she was leading (the Consultant) took the time to listen to my feedback and understand both what I could offer and what I was keen to see. When I received contact from Summit I invariably knew that it was going to be a suitable opportunity and one that they had thought carefully about matching me to. As a candidate I appreciated that, and as an employer I can imagine this thoughtfulness and attention leads to a very high success rate when matching companies and individuals.

Their overall handling of the process through briefing, screening and interviews was excellent. It was intense and challenging, as it should be, and having been approached about a role that has met all my expectations I am grateful that they took the time to get to know me over the years and put me in contact.

European Value-Add Fund Manager, Real Estate Private Equity Firm