The Importance of Research for your next role

Could effective research into an organisation help avoid interview faux pas and better prepare you for the role in the future? 

Interviews are notorious for challenging and demanding questions. Being prepared by carrying out thorough research beforehand can help you respond to these tough questions with more considered and dynamic thought.

Research for an interview primarily holds two purposes: The first is to ascertain whether or not the role is right for you, be it professionally or in terms of progression; the second is to establish whether or not you would fit into the company culture and dynamic. Considering these questions beforehand can give you a better understanding of what you want to establish out of the interview. You are also better equipped to gain the relevant information you need to make an informed, balanced decision.

Your prospective employer’s website and social media outlets are a great place to start. Familiarise yourself with the company’s mission statement and values. You can then begin to consider how your background and experience have prepared you to support and help obtain these goals. Tailoring your answers with their values in mind means that your responses can be more relevant to their needs and preferences. Through the use of thorough research you can also avoid making any false assumptions about the role or company during the interview.

Whilst on the company website it is useful to look at their recent news and past achievements. You can consider the long-term implications this news may have on the employer and on you joining them. Showing some insight into the company’s recent events and achievements will also aid well-informed conversation during the interview.

As well as finding out about what the employer has to say about themselves it is worth investigating what the industry has to say about your employer. Take a look at how well established they are in the market, how they compete in the industry and what competitors may have to say about them. This will not only equip you well for the interview but can also give you an insight into your future at the company.

It may be worth remembering that social media is very accessible in today’s society and your prospective employer could be carrying out their own research on you. Consider the image and message you are portraying with the pictures, statuses and tweets that you post. Do you look like a professional, well rounded candidate that they would want to represent their company? You can also check your privacy settings to adapt how much of your personal information is out there and available.

Therefore, research can be used as a highly effective tool for both your interview and your future career success with the company. Not only this but it can provide you with an element of control over the interview and help alleviate you of any excessive nerves.